• Lazyfarm NFT is the name of the NFT project that takes place within the Lazyfarm story/world.. • The Archie & Jo Collection is Lazyfarm NFTs first NFT series. • More character series will join the Lazyfarm NFT project.

• We run whitelists and giveaways on Lazyfarm NFT’s official Twitter. • Whitelisted members will have access to the Presale.. • Members who win giveaways should follow specific instructions to claim their prizes. • Follow the official Twitter for regular updates. @LazyfarmNFT

• Archie & Jo will be on the Ethereum Blockchain.

• Archie & Jo consists of 10K unique NFTs.

• It is divided into 5 tiers based on rarity. (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond) • Tier quantity. (Bronze : 4450, Silver: 3300, Gold: 1700, Platinum: 500, Diamond: 50)

• Bronze ~ Platinum : on the Lazyfarm NFT homepage using your Ethereum wallet. Please take note of Gas Fees. • Diamond : will be auctioned on OpenSea using WETH. Please take note of Gas Fees.

• The Archie & Jo Collection will be released for sale in 4 parts. (Presale, Mainsale #1, Mainsale #2, Diamond Tier OpenSea Auctions.) • The Presale will take place on 2022.03.19 13:00:00 GMT+00. • Mainsale #1 will take place on 2022.03.20 13:00:00 GMT+00. • Mainsale #2 date will announced later. • The Diamond Tier OpenSea Auction will take place soon

• There will be a limit of 20 NFTs per Ethereum wallet.

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