Welcome to Lazyfarm NFT!

Lazyfarm NFT is a collection of cute and unique Ethereum-based NFT collections. Lazyfarm's first NFT project, Archie & Jo, consists of 10k NFTs, each one with a distinct feature. Lazyfarm's characters have solid and endless stories. In addition, we plan to maximize the usability of NFT through active gamification and production of NFT-based merchandise. Discover the limitless allure of Lazyfarm NFT and join the Lazyfarm community today!

What is Lazyfarm?

Lazyfarm is a farm in virtual reality where cute and lovely characters live together. Unlike the standardized and exploitative farms in the real world, all the characters in Lazyfarm live a peaceful life with their own unique identity. Characters who have experienced a centralized and arbitrary past have created a decentralized community against it. On these equal farms, the Lazy Fam are self-sufficient by working cooperatively with each other. Join us now to create a more peaceful farm!

Why should you join Lazyfarm?

Lazyfarm is entirely community-driven. The more people join Lazyfarm, the greater the community's common good. The Lazyfarm Team will redistribute the profits received from the community to the community. In addition, we will continue to carry out various NFT projects and gradually expand the community. For this, we will develop products and additional content based on the character's design and solid story. By owning Lazyfarm NFT, you can be involved in this journey directly. Lazyfarm needs you!

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